Best Gun on CS GO

In CS GO as with many other first person shooter game having a good gun makes a big difference on your chances of performing well. Having the knowledge to pick the most suitable weapons for your budget is also useful for the prospects of success. Here at the Best Gun on CS GO.

1. The AK-47 – put simply in the hands of good players the AK-47 is absolutely devastating in CS GO. No opponent within firing range stands a chance if you are armed with one of these. You do not need to worry about how loud it is as nothing is getting past you anyway.

2. The M4A4 – this is a good weapon to have, it is accurate, rugged, has a high rate of fire as well as low recoil. A solid all round performer.

3. The SG 553 – an excellent gun for sniping with long range accuracy and single kill head shots. Up close and on rapid fire it matches the AK-47.

4. The P250 – for it’s low cost this pistol is remarkably accurate especially at longer ranges. At close range it causes almost as much carnage as the Desert Eagle but is a much cheaper option. Deadly efficiency on a lower budget, it is precisely what you need.

5. MP9 – this sub machine gun certainly packs a punch, being most effective at medium and longer ranges. It’s accuracy is good and it is a reliable gun. At shorter range it’s smaller magazine capacity and lower fire ratio may mean you would prefer to use a different gun.

6. M4A1-S – this gun is possibly the best gun available for long range sniping, as it has a really low recoil. It also has no tracers so it makes it harder for opponents to spot you if firing from a concealed position. At long ranges it outperforms the A4, yet at short and medium ranges the A1 would be your better option.

7. The AWP – you need patience to use this gun, and a lot of practice. Once you have the skills to aim to properly your enemies are really in trouble. If you have no patience though use your money on a different gun.

8. AUG – a great gun for sniping and head shots with a great scope for super accuracy. Not the best for firing when running so fire from your hips or from a crouching position. The really low recoil and one shot kill ability means it is worth using the AUG.

9. The Five-Seven – for $500 this is one mean gun. It holds a large magazine and has a really high rate of fire. It is devastating at close quarters and a head shot gives one hit kill.

10. The P90 – if you preferred tactic is to rush at your opponents then this is your ideal gun. It has a really large magazine and reload rate is really fast. The real bonus is that it has a very high rate of fire. You can cause mayhem in just a few seconds with the P90.

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